Gas2Wire+CarbonCapture projects accelerate energy transition


Our management team has wide experience in the oil and gas sector, in developing projects and in applying risk management to optimise investor returns. We have a comprehensive, world-wide database of projects which could be developed or re-developed as ‘gas2wire+carboncapture’ opportunities, de-risked and potentially financeable. The population of projects includes some which are currently operating but moving to the end of their field life, some already stranded and some which are marginal but where the economics can be significantly improved.

De-risking projects is a cornerstone of our expertise. Investors and asset owners can have the confidence that such projects can be implemented and operated profitably. Furthermore, each project will be developed and managed by an integrated (Consortium) team with extensive experience of the sector, project engineering and risk management supported by established alliances with recognised capability to operate and provide the services required. The Consortium can be supplemented by other specialist companies as required

Alan Minty


Alan has broad experience in the mining, petrochemicals and oil and gas sectors, having started his career with Anglo American followed by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate; he has worked on many major contracts and specialises in risk management of large scale projects. During the last 10 years, he has focused on marginal field development strategies.

Alan has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, a MSc in Management Studies, and is also a Chartered Engineer and Fellow of IMarEST.

Alison Pegram


A Chartered Engineer, Alison has expertise and wide experience in the identification and evaluation of risks within major offshore projects and extensive interaction with regulators in the oil and gas sector.

Alison has worked extensively on the gas-to-wire business model and has a 1st class degree in Mathematics, a PhD in Engineering and is also Fellow of IMarEST.

Paul Dinham


Paul has over 15 years’ experience in the oil and gas sector, which spans subsurface evaluation through to topside process engineering, with a specific focus on de-risking projects and maximising economic recovery. More recently he has worked extensively in energy transition, especially related to technology commercialisation.

His current work focuses on gas-to-wire, carbon capture, and utilisation and/or storage technologies, including power-to-gas, gas-to-liquid and long duration energy storage. Paul holds a BSc in Geology (London University) and an MSc in Petroleum Geoscience (Manchester University).


We have a wide network and take advice from a number of very experienced industry professionals, with specific expertise relevant to various aspects of our projects, including the following.

Peter Coward


Peter has a strong corporate governance background as well as extensive experience in advising large multinationals on the structuring and tax implications of complex international transactions, both of which are particularly pertinent to the acquisition of projects and guardianship of investors’ funds. He is a former Senior Tax Partner at PwC.

Dermot Grimson


Dermot has extensive commercial, planning and regulatory experience in the renewables sector. He was Head of Strategy & Policy at The Crown Estate.

He originally qualified in urban planning and previously worked at Shell in various roles, responsible for communications, government relations, stakeholder engagement and social responsibility programmes.

Alastair Robertson


Alastair is a Chartered Engineer with a CQRM qualification in Risk Management and over 30 years’ experience in the gas processing and energy industry, including as a founding shareholder and director of OSL Consulting Engineers.

He has a BSc in Chemical and Process Engineering and is a Fellow of the Institute of Chemical Engineers and a Fellow and Trustee of the Energy Institute.

Kevin Morrin


Kevin is a highly experienced shipbroker specialising in oil, gas and renewables. He has wide commercial knowledge in business development, offshore shipbroking and marine valuation. 

He has had extensive involvement, over many years, in contracting agreements for the provision and support of service vessels and other large scale equipment.


Project Management Consortium

Gas2Wire Ventures deploys a consortium of specialist engineering and service companies that has been assembled to provide expertise and technology in particular aspects required for implementation of this approach from concept through operations to decommissioning.

  • Project Design Authority, preparing and monitoring detailed project implementation plans.
  • Brings extensive engineering experience, in particular in the UK SNS, and strong relationships with offshore operators in the area.
  • Duty holder for offshore production operations.
  • Brings extensive oil and gas experience in operations and duty holder services.
  • Electrical equipment OEM, providing proven power generation, power evacuation and transformer equipment.
  • Provides automation and control system for electrical equipment
  • Ensures reliable operation of the offshore power generation and evacuation equipment.
  • Marine services provider supplying offshore transport, heavy lift & support vessels as well as geotechnical survey services
  • Brings extensive marine services experience in installation and support
  • Risk assessments, safety cases and regulatory submissions prior to commencement of operations.
  • Broad experience in the North Sea and internationally, providing advisory and consulting services to oil majors and NOCs.