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What is gas-to-wire?

Gas-to-wire is a commercial repurposing of traditional gas production methods using proven technology, which extends field life, maximises economic recovery, reduces emissions and supports the global transition to a cleaner energy future.

Clean Energy

Gas-to-wire allows energy to be transported more efficiently than traditional natural gas, eliminates fugitive emissions and facilitates the transition to a cleaner energy future.

Low-risk Investment

Gas-to-wire creates commercially attractive and technically mature development solutions utilising existing infrastructure, proven fields and supplies to developed markets.


Gas-to-wire capitalises on the re-use of existing platforms and infrastructure and extends the recovery of proven gas resources.

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Gas-to-wire extends field-life, maximises economic recovery


Proven resources and production, low-risk


Deploying existing infrastructure, security of energy supply

‘Net zero’

Cleaner energy supply, reduction in emissions, 1st step in transition to net zero

About Gas2Wire Ventures

We aim to build a portfolio of projects in the UK and worldwide deploying
Gas-to-wire technologies