Gas-to-wire provides significant benefits to all stakeholders of a project including investors, operators and regulators.

Proven Technology

  • Attractive market: due to demand for greener electricity and energy security
  • Accelerated time to production: due to use of existing infrastructure
  • Reliable production: development of late-life gas fields reduces subsurface risk
  • Repeatable: ‘modular’ nature of projects reduces execution risk.

Multiple Incentives

  • Incentives for operators: primarily due to deferred decommissioning
  • Regulatory and political support: helping to deliver energy security, defer decommissioning costs and maximise economic recovery
  • Aligned with current public perception: Important step in the transition to a lower carbon future.

Strong Economics

  • Low entry cost: as fields are nearing the end of traditional economic life
  • Reduced capital requirement: as a result of utilisation of existing facilities and infrastructure
  • Reducing price volatility: sale of electricity reduces exposure to price risk associated with gas market

Cleaner Energy

As the world transitions to a cleaner energy future, gas is expected to play an important role in meeting increasing energy demands from secure, sustainable sources.

Natural gas is the cleanest of hydrocarbons and so is ideal in helping the transition, hence gas-to-wire has been recognised by industry and regulators for its potential to meet nations’ energy requirements and facilitate the transition to a cleaner energy future.


Our gas-to-wire approach capitalises on existing assets such as platforms and nearby power infrastructure, combined with cost-effective operations to create commercially attractive and technically viable development solutions.

By focusing initially on brownfield development opportunities the project risks associated with normal development are reduced to their lowest possible level. The fields have a proven resource with reliable production history, the integrity of the infrastructure is known and has a proven operating history and the equipment and processes used in the delivery of the gas-to-wire solution utilise only proven technology.